Cooking & Nutrition KS3 Design & Technology


Resistant Materials Graphics Systems & Control


Much of the content in the suite of Design and Technology subjects is similar although the emphasis of each will be reflected in the actual work covered and the outcomes of practical activity.  Design and Technology is a practical subject area which requires the application of knowledge and understanding when developing ideas, planning, producing products and evaluating them.  It can be divided into two key areas; Designing Skills and Making Skills. This forms the core area of study for all Design and Technology subjects and should be read in conjunction with the specific
subject information. 

When designing students will be taught to:
 be creative and innovative
 design products to meet the needs of clients and consumers
 understand the design principles of form, function and fitness for purpose
 understand the role of the designer
 analyse and evaluate existing products
 develop design specifications
 consider the demands that moral, cultural, economic and social values have on designing
 understand environmental issues
 design for manufacturing in quantity
 modify designs to address shortfalls
 reflect critically when evaluating and modifying designs
 use appropriate ICT and CAD/CAM to generate, model and construct products
 investigate materials/ingredients
 devise test procedures
 evaluate the work of other designers
 work as part of a team

When making students will be taught to:
 select and use tools and equipment to produce quality outcomes
 use tools and equipment safely
 work accurately and efficiently in terms of time
 manufacture products applying quality control
 have knowledge of and use CAD/CAM
 carry out tests to ensure the product has lived up to the specification
 understand the advantages of working as a team