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Course Co-ordinator: Mrs A Jones         Exam Board: AQA          
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Aims of the course

The Business and Communication Systems course has been developed to meet the needs of students wishing to integrate aspects of the business world with the practical use of ICT applications, including publishing, spreadsheets, databases, multimedia and communications.  Students are expected to choose, use and design information and communication systems to carry out a range of business tasks and to solve problems.

Course Content

The course is assessed through three distinct units:

ICT Systems in Business (40%)

In this unit, students gain a broad introduction to different types of business and factors that influence the business environment.  They will be introduced to the importance of communication systems which contribute to the success of a business.  In particular, students will consider how ICT systems affect the way people work and how they can potentially improve communication both internally and externally.  Students will be encouraged to consider not only the benefits of ICT in the workplace, but also the potential risks relating to the health and safety of staff and the security of data.  This unit is externally assessed by a one and a half hour written examination.

Using ICT in Business (35%)

In this unit, students have the opportunity to develop thier ICT skills in a business context.  Students are introduced to a range of software applications used to support each function of a business and understand how a business can use software to capture, store, retrieve and analyse data so as to meet its requirements.  This unit is externally assessed by a one and a half hour computer based examination.

Investigating ICT in Business (25%)

This unit is a controlled assessment.  Students have to undertake an investigation into the use of ICT in business, and a practical exercise.  The subject of the controlled assessment is set by AQA each year.