• Lost Property

    When Items have been deemed lost (i.e have been left in a class room for sometime) they are taken to the Lost property area.  This can be found under the stairs leading up to IT1/IT2.  We try to sort through this area at least once during the term.   During this search when any named items are found we return the item to it's owner.
    Un-named items are Logged here and left under the IT1/2 Stairs until the end of the next term.  This area is then cleared.
    List Of Un-named Items CURRENTLY in Lost Property (as of  06/03/17)

    1 x black very thin Trench style coat - New Look Size 12

    1 x Beige Army print Bomber Jacket - Bench

    1 x Black Rain jacket with removable Fleece lining - Trespas

    1 x Black Rain Jacket - Trespas

    The lost property area will be cleared at the end of each term.