• Welcome to Calthorpe Park School Library!

    The Library is run by Mrs Ward, assisted by Mrs Pugh, and a team of 10 Student Librarians.  It is open from 8.30 am until 3.30 pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and 9am until 3pm on Wednesday and Friday, including break and lunch time, for students of all year groups to browse, read, revise and do homework - and even play quiet games!

    In addition to fiction and information books, there is a newspaper, plus a range of magazines and DVDs for you to enjoy.

    Students are welcome to join our Book Group or participate in the varied activities that take place in here. Check out some of the other Library pages to find out more. 

    We look forward to seeing you in here soon!

  • How to Borrow Resources

    Students may borrow 2 books for two weeks and 1 DVD overnight (or for the weekend, of course!).

    All resources must be taken to the desk and students need to give their name to Mrs Ward or the Student Librarian on duty.  The book or DVD will be issued to them and stamped with the return date.

    There are no fines for late return, but reminder notices will be sent via your tutor group. You will not be able to borrow any more resources while you have an overdue book or DVD.  If the resource is not returned after 3 reminders, parents will be contacted and you will be asked to pay for a replacement.

    • Student Librarians

      A team of 10 Student Librarians help the Library to run smoothly every day.  They ensure that books are put back in the right place so other students can find them and run the issue desk at lunch break.  They also help with getting resources ready for the Library shelves and support school library events.

      When vacancies arise, they will be advertised around school and on the Moodle/  Students who would like to become a Student Librarian need to complete an application form and may be invited for an interview before they are accepted on to the team.

      The current team of Student Librarians is made up of the following students from Years 7- 9:

      Freya A, Zaara A, Austen B, Aaliyah E, Izzy F, Sean F, Izzy N, Sabrina M, Amelia M, Emily T.

      • Hampshire Book Award

        The Hampshire Book Award is an annual activity for Year 8 students.  Students are asked to read a shortlist of 6 books and assess them against the 3 Es ( Enjoyment, Engagement and Enrichment) before voting for the winner.  In Year 9, the same students read a longlist of books and vote to help create the shortlist for the new Year 8s to read!

        Hampshire Book Award Website

        And the Winner is:

        Instructions for a Second-Hand Heart by Tamsyn Murray

        The Shortlist for 2018 was:

        Fir - Sharon Gosling

        The Island at the End of Everything - Kiran Millwood Hargrave

        Between the Lies - Cathy McPhail

        A Dangerous Crossing - Jane Mitchell

        Instructions for a Second Hand Heart - Tamsyn Murray

        A Seven Letter Word - Kim Slater


        • Carnegie Award

          Known as 'the Booker of the playground', the Carnegie medal recognises outstanding writing for children and young people.  Every year, a group of interested students read the books and meet to discuss their views and opinions.  We don't get to choose the winner but it's fun to read some challenging and thought-provoking books!

          Carnegie Award Website

          And the Winner is:

          Where the World Ends - Geraldine McCaughrean

          The 2018 shortlist was:

          Wed Wabbit - Lissa Evans

          After the Fire - Will Hill

          Where the World Ends - Geraldine McCaughrean

          Rook - Anthony McGowan

          Release - Patrick Ness

          Saint Death - Marcus Sedgwick

          The Hate U Give - Angie Thomas

          Beyond the Bright Sea - Lauren Wolk


          • Book Group

            Book Group meets after school on alternate Tuesdays between 3 - 4 o'clock.  We discuss the books we've been reading  and have fun doing a variety of book-related activities.  Enthusiastic readers from all year groups are welcome to join us!

            Meeting dates for this school year will be announced soon!

            • Library Events


              Students from CPS pitted their wits against 6 other local schools in the regional heat of the SLS Lit Quiz on the evening of  Monday 5th March.  After battling with 8 rounds of tricky, book-related questions, the team emerged from the fray, happy and victorious!  They will now go through to the county final which takes place in Winchester at 7pm on Wednesday 28th March.  Congratulations to the whole team for their effort and hard work. Watch this space to see how they fare!

              SLS Lit Quiz

              • Writing Competitions

                Wannabe authors should check out these writing competitions to see if they can get their work in print.

                New competitions coming soon!


                • Book of the Week!

                  Please see below the books that have been Book of the Week so far this year:

                  Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

                  Outwalkers by Fiona Shaw

                  30 Second Theories by Paul Parsons

                  The Goose Road by Rowena House

                  When the Mountains Roared by Jess Butterworth

                  You are Awesome by Matthew Syed

                  How not to Disappear by Claire Furniss

                  Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

                  Ghost Soldier by Theresa Breslin

                  Inside my Head by Jim Carrington

                  Cool Philosophy by Daniel Tatarsky

                  If you want to find out more about these, and lots of other books, please visit the Library and we will be delighted to help!

                  • Word of the Week Winners!

                    Congratulations to the previous winners of Word of the Week!

                    09/11/18 Winner: Dumkele O, D07: “The end of the great war was near.  Word had broken out amongst the weary  & emotionally-drained soldiers that an armistice had been set in motion to hopefully put an end to the misery that had befallen the world.”  (Box of Maltesers, 3 house points).

                    02/11/18 Winner: Chukkie O, D03: The advert was designed to make viewers feel nostalgic for simpler times, with fewer technological distractions.”

                    19/10/18 Winner: Lottie H, K01: “The laconic dignity of the owner didn’t help him when he was forced to make a speech.  Even with his garish, confident outfit and the cajoling of the crowd, his speech was still just a few words, separated by a long hiatus.”  (5 house points and box of Maltesers)

                    12/10/18 Winner: Dumkele O, D07: “ Several moments passed before the defendant was finally able to produce a poorly constructed, laconic response, which he used as testimony to plead his innocence.”  (3 house points, box of Maltesers)

                    05/10/18 Winner: Daniel P, M09: “Although brief, the hiatus between question and answer was enough to tell that he was lying.” (3 house points/ Maltesers/Haribo)

                    28/09/18 Winner: Joe B, K04: “My dad is so embarrassing, because whenever he meets one of my friends, he thinks it is funny to wear something garish!” 3 house points + Maltesers/Haribo

                    21/09/18 Winner: Isabel D, S11 (Yr 7): “The sly robber, after being caught, tried to cajole the weary police officers into liberating him.” (3 house points, Maltesers)

                    14/09/18 Winner: Euan W, K04:  “Mrs May refused to abandon the Chequer’s Plan; surrendering to the EU would decimate the shred of dignity she had worked so hard to conserve.” (Box of  Maltesers, 3 house points)