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Year 11 Science exams

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Year 11 Science exams
by H Hutton (Staff) - Tuesday, 2 October 2018, 8:46 AM

All students will be sitting 6 GCSE Science exams in Summer 2019 :

  • Exams in Biology B1, Chemistry C1 and Physics P1 in May 2019
  • Exams in Biology B2, Chemistry C2 and Physics P2 in June 2019

In order to emulate this spacing of Science GCSE exams, our six Mock exams have been scheduled to be about one month apart.  This will allow students the time to revise effectively and perform better during the main whole school Mock Exam period for all subjects.

The content for the B1, C1 and P1 has been completed last year and we are currently covering the content for B2, C2 and P2.

The Mock exams for B1, C1, P1 will be held during normal Science lessons from Thursday 11th October 2018Students will be informed of these arrangements by their Science teachers.  See this schedule.

Tier of Entry

The results from all 6 mock exams will be used to inform the decision about the entry of students into either Foundation or Higher tier in the summer Science GCSE exams.  For this reason, it is essential that students maximise their revision.

Triple Science

Students already selected to follow the Triple Science course to gain three GCSEs in the Separate Sciences will need to perform to a high level in all of the 6 exams in these mocks. 

Additional Triple Science GCSE  Mock Exams will be scheduled separately after November to allow more course content to be examined.

The topics to be tested are here. Please make sure that students are present in school during these mock exams to enable them to benefit from the valuable revision process.  In order to support students, Revision Guides and websites should be used.  Links to some useful website are :




S-Cool Revision

Revision Guides

AQA Exam board Website

Please consult your Science teacher for further assistance