So far this year students have become Geography Detectives, finding out what types of Geography there are and how to investigate geographical issues; they have also developed their map and atlas skills.  There have been two major projects - My Connections - where students have explained their connections to 10 different locations around the world - Treasure Island Maps - where students produced treasure island maps to show their ability to apply their map skills to create their own maps.


In December some Year 7s took part in the Gifted and Tallented Enrichment Trip to London (look out for more information in the School Newsletter).


During January and February students have been studying A Place Called Home.  As part of this they will be taking part in a Decision Making Exercise about where to build new houses.  Students will also have the opportunity to take part in fieldwork to Eden Brook and Tavistock Road during the next half term to cement this learning and begin to understand the importance of geographical enquiry.

After completing A
Place Called Home students will be working on a EuroVision topic.  Students will
find out about the European Union and our place within it, allowing students to
draw their own conclusions about the pros and cons of being part of it.  In
addition students will create an in-depth study of one  country within Europe
for their homework project.  They will then present this back and explore other
countries with a passport to Europe 'show and tell' group presentation.  They
will be required to compare one country in Europe to the others they have
studied in the topic.  There will be an opportunity for some students to take
part in a EuroVision Song Contest as we link with the Music Department.

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