• Welcome to Calthorpe Park School Library!

    The Library is run by Mrs Ward, assisted by Mrs Pugh, and a team of 10 Student Librarians.  It is open from 8.30 am until 3.30 pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and 9am until 3pm on Wednesday and Friday, including break and lunch time, for students of all year groups to browse, read, revise and do homework - and even play quiet games!

    In addition to fiction and information books, there are a range of magazines and DVDs for you to enjoy.

    Students are welcome to join our Book Group or participate in the varied activities that take place in here. Check out some of the other Library pages to find out more. 

    We look forward to seeing you in here soon!

  • How to Borrow Resources

    Students may borrow 2 books for two weeks and 1 DVD overnight (or for the weekend, of course!).

    All resources must be taken to the desk and students need to give their name to Mrs Ward or the Student Librarian on duty.  The book or DVD will be issued to them and stamped with the return date.

    There are no fines for late return, but reminder notices will be sent via your tutor group. You will not be able to borrow any more resources while you have an overdue book or DVD.  If the resource is not returned after 3 reminders, parents will be contacted and you will be asked to pay for a replacement.

    • E-books

      Website for eBooks 

      To download app - search for and download ePlatform app from your appstore

    • Word of the Week Winners!

      Congratulations to the previous winners of Word of the Week!

      02/03/20 Winner: Emily T K01: “Every morning, she would take the long, boring journey to work at her now defunct business because unfortunately her and her partner got into debt.” ( 3 house points, Maltesers)

      24/02/20 Winner: Daisy M, K01: “ The scientist looked through all his paraphernalia in the hope of finding the right thing to build his time machine.  He was determined to be the first person on Planet Earth to travel to the future.” ( 3 house points, Maltesers)

      10/02/20 Winner: Aaron M K02. “Mr Lugg believes that Dr Who, where a blue box oscillates through time making a sonorous sound, is an indulgence. Many become perplexed at this love but when they ask him why, he just becomes ferocious.” (3 house points, Maltesers)

      03/02/20 Winner: Anna W, M05:  “The escape room left John utterly perplexed.”  (3 house points, Maltesers)

      27/01/20 Winner: Megan M. M05 “The dragon, coated in it’s scaly armour, plummeted into the ferocious jaws of death.” (3 house points, Maltesers)

      20/01/20 Winner: Hannah B. M12: “As she walked through the mystic cave at midnight, she heard a howl. She saw a figure, a shadow on the hill and it’s howl  was so sonorous, it lit up the night sky and made the wind come alive.”  (3 house points, Maltesers)

      13/01/20 Winner: Jemima L,  K04: "The light shone on the boy as he stood in the room.  The policeman glared at him, with an expression that could break stone.  The boy oscillated from foot to foot, as sweat dripped down his back. ( 3 housepoints, Maltesers)

      06/01/20 Winner: Emily C M07: “Some people’s indulgence is unhealthy foods and snacks. However my indulgence is Netflix and the comfy black chair I sit in to watch my favourite series!” (3 house points, Maltesers)

      16/12/19 Winner: Olivia T. K01:  “It is unequivocal that the group project was a pragmatic disaster due to the truculent group leader, the ambiguous method of research, the indecipherable handwriting and the collective derision of the youngest group member” (2 house points, lolly)

      09/12/19 Winner: Lily E, K02: “The conversation I had with my brother was very ambiguous, due to the fact that he was talking about something I didn’t understand, but I went along with it so I didn’t look stupid.” (3 house points, Maltesers)

      02/12/19 Winner: Abigail V. M12 “The history teacher did not have her class’s full, unequivocal support that history was better than geography, though she had the majority of the class on her side.” (Box of Maltesers, 3 house points)

      25/11/19 Winner: Tilly L, K01: “ Our new Prime Minister will need to be pragmatic to ensure the best outcome for Britain is delivered from the Brexit negotiations.”  (3 house points, box of Maltesers)

      18/11/19 Winner: Isobel C. M12: “The handwriting was so indecipherable that they got no marks on the test. Then they got no job and bought a rabbit called John but no one knew his name because it was indecipherable.” (Box of Maltesers, 3 house points)

      11/11/19 Winner: Sophie D. S07 “Maybe we should check Alan’s alibi. After all, that is what investigators do!” Molly suggested, it was barely more than a whisper but her snobby, blonde partners heard it and cried out in laughter. Molly scowled at how they had instantly treated her idea with derision.” (Box of Maltesers, 3 house points)

      04/11/19 Winner: Chloe D. S07 “The stag king (Akibowa) arose to face his truculent opponent, his rival showed a glint of fear but nonetheless looked at the king with pure hatred!” (Box of Maltesers, 3 house points)

      25/10/19 Winner: Tilly L, K01: “ To help mitigate the issue of using too much paper, the teacher started to use PDFs on Edulink for the students’ home learning.  It was thought that the teacher did this because of her strong environmental probity.  However, when one of the students stated, with hubris, that he simply gone home and printed the sheet, the teacher was unhappy,  The student thought that the teacher was being very pedantic, but another student thought that her honourable attempt to save paper might permeate throughout the school.  Yet another student, who was quite circumspect, said that PDF were just too risky!”

      Highly Commended: Annabel C, Aaliyah E & Nikoline C, K03: “The teacher tried to mitigate the hubris of the aver-achieving student, as his self-absorption was permeating the rest of the class.  This required probity; however, the student’s responses were pedantic and it soon became clear he was a circumspect student.

      Olivia T, K01: “ The group project turned out to be a disaster due to one student having a strong sense of hubris, even though he did nothing to help, one student being extremely pedantic, while yet another was very circumspect.  The last student had a good sense of probity and she tried to mitigate the problems by permeating a positive energy throughout the group.”

      14/10/19 Winner: Chloe D, S07: “ The prisoners of Auschwitz entered the showers expecting their first luxury since arriving there, but a deadly gas permeated through the air instead.” (Box of Maltesers, 3 house points)

      07/10/19 Winner: Anisa R, M05: “Despite all the facts, he knew he couldn’t do it; the part of him that was circumspect was urging him to stop, to go back, but he couldn’t erase the past.” (3 house points, box of Maltesers)

      30/09/19 Winner: Amelie S, SO9: “ You’re not doing it right, Emily!  You need to point your toes.”

                                                  “Thank you, Sophie; I’ll do my best.”

                                                   “Now move your arm a little to the left.”

                                                    “Alright, I’ll try.”

                                                    “Am I being too pedantic, Emily?”

                                                     “Err, noooooo……..!” (3 house points, box of Maltesers)

      w/b 23/09/19 Winner: Mattie L M12: “His years of extreme hubris had caught up to him, and eventually led to the downfall of his career” (3 house points, box of Maltesers)

      w/b 16/09/19 Winner: Dumkele Osaje, D07: “It was the end, peace and silence at last. I had witnessed conflict, hate and prejudice throughout these six painful years but I knew I had done my country proud serving as a patriot with my unwavering loyalty and probity.” (3 house points, box of Maltesers)

      w/b 09/09/19 Winner: Lariana S, K11: “She willed the rain to pour harder, to sweep her off her feet like he’d done, but there was nothing that could mitigate the pain of her broken heart.”  (3 house points, box of Maltesers)

      • Student Librarians

        A team of 11 Student Librarians help the Library to run smoothly every day.  They ensure that books are put back in the right place so other students can find them and run the issue desk at lunch break.  They also help with getting resources ready for the Library shelves and support school library events.

        When vacancies arise, they will be advertised around school and on the Moodle/  Students who would like to become a Student Librarian need to complete an application form and may be invited for an interview before they are accepted on to the team.

        The current team of Student Librarians is made up of the following students from Years 7- 10:

        Emily C, Isla H, Naomi W, Seren L, Amy W, George P, Sabrina M, Zaara A, Izzy F, Amelia M, Alannah M.

        • Book of the Week!

          Please see below the books that have been Book of the Week so far this year:

          The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

          The Train to Impossible Places by P.G. Bell

          Norse Myths: Tales of Odin, Thor and Loki By Kevin Crossley-Holland

          The Extinction Trials by S.M. Wilson

          Rosie Loves Jack by Mel Darbon

          100 things to know about science By Alex Frith

          Dog by Andy Mulligan

          Who killed Darius Drake? by Rodman Philbrick

          Armistice Runner by Tom Palmer

          The Graces by Laure Eve

          Open your heart by Gemma Cairney

          Dry by Neil Shusterman

          Maths is Everywhere by Rob Colson

          Twelve Days of Dash & Lily By Rachel Cohn

          Cloud Boy by Marcia Williams

          Kindness by Jamie Thurston

          Running Girl by Simon Mason

          Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama

          Body Brilliant by Nicola Morgan

          Secrets of the Henna Girl by Sufiya Ahmed

          12 Minutes to Midnight by Christopher Ease

          100 things to know about Space By Alex Frith

          A Strange Kind of Brave by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

          Drone Racer by Andy Briggs

          If you want to find out more about these, and lots of other books, please visit the Library and we will be delighted to help!

          • Book Group

            Book Group meets after school on alternate Mondays between 3 - 4 o'clock.  We discuss the books we've been reading  and have fun doing a variety of book-related activities.  Enthusiastic readers from all year groups are welcome to join us!

            Next meetings:

            27th January

            10th February - Sufiya Ahmed author visit

            24th February

            9th March

            23rd March

            • Library Events

              AUTHOR VISITS

              10th February 2020 - Sufiya Ahmed Author of Secrets of the Henna Girl. See Mrs Ward/Mrs Pugh for details of tickets

              17th March 2020 - Andy Briggs Author of Drone Racer, hero.com, Villain.net and many more. Details to be confirmed of year group workshops.


              We are pleased to announce that the author, Julie Sykes, is now our Patron of Reading and Writer-in-Residence and will be coming in to run regular sessions with students over the next year.  We hope that her writing workshops will be of great benefit to our young people.

              Julie Sykes is the award winning author of over sixty books for children, many about animals and magic. She lives in Hampshire with her family, their pet wolf and a flying carpet. Julie also writes as Summer Waters and Skye Waters. 

              Julie Sykes

              • Writing Competitions

                • Hampshire Book Award 2020

                  The books shortlisted for this year's Hampshire Book Award are:

                  Outwalkers by Fiona Shaw

                  Nothing but the Truth by Dick Lehr

                  Jemima Small versus the Universe by Tamsin Winter

                  Lost by Eve Ainsworth

                  Slick by M M Vaughan

                  Earth Swarm by Tim Hall

                  • T+ Book Award

                    The following titles have been shortlisted for the 2019 t+ Book Award:

                    The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

                    Aftermath by Kelley Armstrong

                    The Island by MA Bennett

                    I Am Thunder by Muhammed Khan

                    Night of the Party by Tracey Mathias

                    • 2018 Award Winning Books

                    • 2019 Book Awards Shortlists and Winners

                      CILIP Carnegie Winner 2019 - The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo