• Welcome to Calthorpe Park School Library!

    The Library is run by Mrs Ward, assisted by Mrs Pugh, and a team of 10 Student Librarians.  It is open from 8.30 am until 3.30 pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and 9am until 3pm on Wednesday and Friday, including break and lunch time, for students of all year groups to browse, read, revise and do homework - and even play quiet games!

    In addition to fiction and information books, there are a range of magazines and DVDs for you to enjoy.

    Students are welcome to join our Book Group or participate in the varied activities that take place in here. Check out some of the other Library pages to find out more. 

    We look forward to seeing you in here soon!

  • How to Borrow Resources

    Students may borrow 2 books for two weeks and 1 DVD overnight (or for the weekend, of course!).

    All resources must be taken to the desk and students need to give their name to Mrs Ward or the Student Librarian on duty.  The book or DVD will be issued to them and stamped with the return date.

    There are no fines for late return, but reminder notices will be sent via your tutor group. You will not be able to borrow any more resources while you have an overdue book or DVD.  If the resource is not returned after 3 reminders, parents will be contacted and you will be asked to pay for a replacement.

    • E-books

      Website for eBooks 

      To download app - search for and download ePlatform app from your appstore

    • Word of the Week Winners!

      Congratulations to the previous winners of Word of the Week!

      10/06/19 Winner: Harry S, K01: “All my friends are climbing Mount Everest but I’m not sure I’m healthy enough to make it up there.”  (3 house points, box of Maltesers)

      24/05/19 Winner: Dom W. S07 “Why won’t this dictionary tell me what inference means?” I yelled, filled with pathos as I encroached on it, pulverising the fat blue book as hard as I could! (Box of Maltesers, 3 house points)

      10/05/19 Winner: Lottie H, K01: “Her pathos wove its way into the music, bringing the audience to tears.” (3 house points, box of Maltesers)

      26/04/19 Winner: Emily T. K01 “The church was pulverized by the bombs that were dropped from the dark night sky above.” (Box of Maltesers, 3 house points)

      08/04/19 Winner: Daniel P. M09 “Becoming less reticent is an important part of growing up.” (Box of Maltesers, 3 house points)

      01/04/19 Winner: Lucy R. K02: “It was imperative that I did Word of the Week otherwise Mr Lugg would get angry!” (Box of Maltesers, 3 house points)

      15/03/19 Winner: Eden A, S07: “ Edward was always embarrassing because of the way he was obsequious to anyone older than him.” (Box of Maltesers, 3 house points)

      08/03/19 Winner:   Gaelen P, K01: “ I have always despised English as a subject, since no matter how much a person elucidates its importance,  I always fail to grasp why I must learn a language I am already fluent in.”       (3 house points, box of Maltesers)                                             

      01/03/19 Winner: Callum S K01 “Everyone seems elegiac about Brexit and mad at the politicians. Even children protest. “Get your head out the clouds Theresa May!” the children scream.” 3 house points and box of Maltesers

      15/02/19 Winner: Madison D, K11: “ I run down the hill towards my house and I realise that I’ve done it; I’ve beaten my mental health issues.  I look glamorous and salubrious; my head feels lighter and my heart is stronger and happier.  I feel alive!” (Box of Maltesers, 3 house points)

      08/02/19 Winner: Anna B, D03: “ Teenagers all over the world are in distress because Instagram and Snapchat have been purposely vitiated by the government to force them to study harder.” (Box of Maltesers, 3 house points)

      01/02/19 Winner: Henry R, K04 “I, Doctor Watson, in my few days of being partnered with Sherlock Holmes learnt that he was a very perspicacious man.” (3 house points, Box of Maltesers)

      25/01/19 Winner: Euan W, K04: “ Sheev peered at his apprentice hesitantly.  “ You have a point, Tyrannus; the bureaucracy will slow us down significantly.  Perhaps the time has come to circumvent the Senate entirely.” (3 house points, Box of Maltesers)

      18/01/19 Winner: Anya J, D11: “ In the misty forest, a nebulous figure lay lifeless.”  

      11/01/19 Winner: Javan G, K10: “Personally, I find role-playing cathartic, because the medium allows me to be things I never could be and to do things I would never normally do.”

      14/12/18 Winner: Isabel D, S11: “ The girl was incredibly bewildered when the bully came to apologise, but she accepted the apology magnaminously.” (3 house points, box of Maltesers)

      07/12/18 Winner: Isabel D, S11: “Santa, who was very grumpy, lambasted his reindeers for going so slowly, because he was worried that the presents wouldn’t be delivered in time.” (3 house points, box of Maltesers)

      30/11/18 Winner: Euan W, K04: “ ‘Trust me laddie,’ George’s Dad answered.  ‘The best way to rise ranks is to ingratiate yourself with the right people.  You never know where a wee favour or two might help.’” (3 house points, box of Maltesers)

      23/11/18 Winner: Harry S, K01: “ As the apprentices gathered in the board room, Lord Sugar began to expostulate about the lack of team work and effort in this week’s task.” (Box of Maltesers, 3 house points)

      16/11/18 Winner: Ollie S, K02:  “ It is alleged that the Russians interfered with the presidential election, although Trump denies this allegation.”

      09/11/18 Winner: Dumkele O, D07: “The end of the great war was near.  Word had broken out amongst the weary  & emotionally-drained soldiers that an armistice had been set in motion to hopefully put an end to the misery that had befallen the world.”  (Box of Maltesers, 3 house points).

      02/11/18 Winner: Chukkie O, D03: The advert was designed to make viewers feel nostalgic for simpler times, with fewer technological distractions.”

      19/10/18 Winner: Lottie H, K01: “The laconic dignity of the owner didn’t help him when he was forced to make a speech.  Even with his garish, confident outfit and the cajoling of the crowd, his speech was still just a few words, separated by a long hiatus.”  (5 house points and box of Maltesers)

      12/10/18 Winner: Dumkele O, D07: “ Several moments passed before the defendant was finally able to produce a poorly constructed, laconic response, which he used as testimony to plead his innocence.”  (3 house points, box of Maltesers)

      05/10/18 Winner: Daniel P, M09: “Although brief, the hiatus between question and answer was enough to tell that he was lying.” (3 house points/ Maltesers/Haribo)

      28/09/18 Winner: Joe B, K04: “My dad is so embarrassing, because whenever he meets one of my friends, he thinks it is funny to wear something garish!” 3 house points + Maltesers/Haribo

      21/09/18 Winner: Isabel D, S11 (Yr 7): “The sly robber, after being caught, tried to cajole the weary police officers into liberating him.” (3 house points, Maltesers)

      14/09/18 Winner: Euan W, K04:  “Mrs May refused to abandon the Chequer’s Plan; surrendering to the EU would decimate the shred of dignity she had worked so hard to conserve.” (Box of  Maltesers, 3 house points)

      • Student Librarians

        A team of 11 Student Librarians help the Library to run smoothly every day.  They ensure that books are put back in the right place so other students can find them and run the issue desk at lunch break.  They also help with getting resources ready for the Library shelves and support school library events.

        When vacancies arise, they will be advertised around school and on the Moodle/  Students who would like to become a Student Librarian need to complete an application form and may be invited for an interview before they are accepted on to the team.

        The current team of Student Librarians is made up of the following students from Years 7- 9:

        Freya A, Zaara A, Austen B, Izzy F, Sean F, Isla H, Seren L, Izzy N, Daisy M, Sabrina M, Amelia M, Emily T.

        • Book of the Week!

          Please see below the books that have been Book of the Week so far this year:

          Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

          Outwalkers by Fiona Shaw

          30 Second Theories by Paul Parsons

          The Goose Road by Rowena House

          When the Mountains Roared by Jess Butterworth

          You are Awesome by Matthew Syed

          How not to Disappear by Claire Furniss

          Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

          Ghost Soldier by Theresa Breslin

          Inside my Head by Jim Carrington

          Cool Philosophy by Daniel Tatarsky

          Ghost Boys by Jewell Parker Rhodes

          Concentr8 by William Sutcliffe

          The Last of the Spirits by Chris Priestley

          The 57 Bus by Dashka Slater

          How to be a Young Writer by Christopher Edge

          Far from the Tree by Robin Benway

          Flamingo Boy by Michael Morpurgo

          The Cosmic Tourist by Brian May and Patrick Moore

          Bodyguard:Hostage by Chris Bradford

          Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli

          Twister by Juliette Forrest

          Death by Detention by Ali Sparkes

          Home Lab by Robert Winston

          Jinxed by Amy McCulloch

          No Fixed Address by Susin Nielsen

          Electrigirl by Jo Cotterill

          This is a Horrible Book of Foul Facts by Terry Deary

          Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb 

          Girl in the Window by Penny Joelson

          Positively Teenage by Nicola Morgan

          If you want to find out more about these, and lots of other books, please visit the Library and we will be delighted to help!

          • Book Group

            Book Group meets after school on alternate Mondays between 3 - 4 o'clock.  We discuss the books we've been reading  and have fun doing a variety of book-related activities.  Enthusiastic readers from all year groups are welcome to join us!

            Next meetings

            Mon 13th May

            Weds 12th June

            Mon 17th June

            Mon 1st July

            Mon 15th July

            • Library Events

              Ali Sparkes - Author Visit Monday 3rd December


              Ali Sparkes

              Ali Sparkes, winner of the Blue Peter Book of the Year for her book, Frozen in Time, visited Book Group on Monday 3rd December to tell us how she had always been terrible at English whilst at school and was actually a wannabe actress!  Luckily for us, that didn’t work out and she became a journalist, before going on to become a successful writer of books for teenagers and young people.  Her talents as a stand-up comedian were put to good use, however, as she treated us to a highly interactive and entertaining talk, which ended with lots of us having stomach-ache from laughing so much and a long queue of very eager students , wanting to buy a signed copy of one of her books.

              For more information about Ali and her books, visit her website here

              • Writing Competitions

                World War 1 Writing Competition

                As part of the school commemorations for World War 1 in November, the Library ran a writing competition, asking students to write a piece of prose, story, poem or diary entry on life during the ‘War to End All Wars.’   We received some very moving entries, showing great empathy and understanding of the horrors of the time.

                The three winners are:  Zach M, M02 (Yr 8) and Isabel D, S11 (Yr 7) for their poems about the horrors of life in the trenches and Dumkele O, D07 (Yr 7) for her piece of prose about the end of the war.  The winners will each receive an Amazon voucher as their prize and all entrants will receive an achievement point for their work and effort in entering the competition.

                The Crow by Zach M, M02

                The crow he sits in the oak tree

                The birds go cheep-cheep-cheep

                The sun breaks through the leaves

                 He hears marching feet

                Toot of trumpets,

                Scraping of shovels


                Then, boom of cannon,

                Sending birds spiralling up in despair

                The flicker of flame


                Rush of horses

                Cries of men,

                Crumple of bodies,


                Bangs of rifles,

                Stumble of horses,

                Splatters of mud.


                There it goes, boom of cannon

                Splinter of wood,

                Burning of wood.


                The oak is gone,

                A mere pile of ash.


                The crow he sits on the wire

                As the guns go rat-a-tat-tat

                And gunshots devastate his kingdom


                World War One by Isabel D, S11

                Worries flew to and fro in Tommy’s fearsome mind

                Over the top!” the famous phrase, rings alarm bells inside

                Running around in the trenches, no comforting safety shall he find

                Looking out and shooting by order, leaving peace behind

                During this period, the clock ticks and every moment is timed.


                War is here – breaking out, destroying lives!  Guns blaring and bullets fly

                Another shot, another dead,

                Rounds of rifles fire, causing soldiers to die.


                Oneself will not know the future

                Now it is time to attack, for dreams to be forgotten

                Every day, terror reigns, for this is....... World War One.


                World War One – End of War by Dumkele O, D07

                It was the eleventh day of the eleventh month.  The sound of gunfire that once pulsated through the desolate battlefields was no more.  Soldiers lay, as decomposed bodies, in ‘No Man’s Land’, with their last memories being of the violence and brutality that led them to their grave.  Word had spread though the troops that an armistice had been negotiated to put an end to the war that had desolated the human race: 4 years of conflict, 18 million dead.  It was the end of the Great War; a war that would never be forgotten.





                • Hampshire Book Award 2019

                  The books shortlisted for this year's Hampshire Book Award are:

                  The Extinction Trials by S.M.Wilson

                  Shell by Paula Rawsthorne

                  Things a Bright Girl Can Do by Sally Nicholls

                  Satellite by Nick Lake

                  Scarecrow by Danny Weston

                  Refugee by Alan Gratz

                  Meetings will be held in the Library on Thursday lunchtimes. Students are welcome to bring their lunch with them to eat and also get a Fast Pass if needed.

                  Thurs 16th May - Things a Bright Girl Can Do

                  Thurs 23rd May - Shell

                  Thurs 13th June - The Extinction Trials

                  Tues 18th June - Scarecrow

                  Thurs 20th June - Satellite

                  Tues 25th June - Refugee

                  Tues 2nd July - Final discussion meeting

                  Wednesday 3rd July - Voting Day at Calthorpe Park School

                  • T+ Book Award

                    The following titles have been shortlisted for the 2019 t+ Book Award:

                    The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

                    Aftermath by Kelley Armstrong

                    The Island by MA Bennett

                    I Am Thunder by Muhammed Khan

                    Night of the Party by Tracey Mathias

                    Meetings will be held in the Library at lunchtime on the following dates. Students are welcome to eat their lunch in the Library or get a Fast Pass.

                    Tues 14th May - The Poet X

                    Fri 14th June - Night of the Party

                    Thurs 27th June - Aftermath

                    Mon 1st July - I Am Thunder

                    Mon 8th July - The Island

                    Fri 12th July Voting Day

                    • 2018 Award Winning Books

                    • 2019 Book Awards Shortlists and Winners

                      CILIP Carnegie Winner 2019 - The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo